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Stunning stained glass – Gascony, France

Stunning stainedglass

Wine Art – Reflect 3

GLS reflect 3

‘Reflect 3’

Photographic wineart work, featuring wine glasses on a black reflective surface. Part of a set.  

Modern Art – Sophie Desmoulins Exhibition, France


I love this painting and other works by Artist Sophie Desmoulins, on exhibition now at Bastide de Bassoues, Gascony, France.

Travel Photography – Cathedral Sainte-Marie, France

Sainte-Marie1Cathedral Sainte-Marie, Auch

Gascony, France


Photography – ‘Red Sky’

Red Sky

‘Red Sky’
Photographic work – Red clouds over the houses
#photography #photo #art #scenery

Travel Photography – Malaga, Spain

Malaga Cathedral dark