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Travel Photography – ‘Guard the gate’ Lisbon

Guard the gate

Travel Photography – ‘Lisbon Guard’

Lisbon Guard

Guest Artists – Jean-Luc Almond’s latest oil painting

JLA uh2

Fun Art – ‘Hey Yogaaaaaaa!!’

Hey Yogaaaaaaa

Sloth from The Goonies tries his hand at some Yoga!

Travel Photography – Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

‘Edinburgh Castle 2’ – Photographic work

Travel Photography – Isola Rossa, Sardinia

Isola Rossa eve

‘Isola Rossa eve’

Photographic work – Sunset over the bay of Isola Rossa in North West Sardinia

Wine Art – Disco glass

Disco glass

‘Disco glass’

Photographic work – Sancerre tasting glass, with a background of a stainless steel tank, in the cellars of Domaine Jean & Michel Naudet, Loire Valley, France