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‘VINS’ – Original wine photography, Nuits St. Georges


‘VINS’ – Another example of our original wine photography, ideal for decorating dining rooms at home or in restaurants and hotels. Receive 20% OFF at our online store now!

I love this classic old signage for a tasting room in Nuits St Georges, Burgundy, France!

Wine Photography

‘Wine Service’ – Wine Art prints on Canvas

Service galleryPHBX

Wine Art

Wine Art – Sancerre wine tasting, Photography


Wine Art – Champagne Chess set

I made this Chess set from Champagne corks, caps and labels…

background chess

Wine Art – ‘OLD vs NEW’ – Wine corks and Screw caps

My 3D artistic creation, which symbolises the move from Old world dominance of the wine world, to the now hugely popular New world wines of New Zealand, Australia, South America and South-Africa.

Featuring 740 wine corks spelling ‘OLD’ (the more traditional and old fashioned wine seals) to represent Old World wine countries, and 351 screw cap tops (now used to seal most wines) spelling ‘NEW’ to represent the now hugely popular New World wines.

Old & New2

Wine Art – My Glass reflection collection

GLS Reflect A collection of photographic pieces I created using wine glasses on a black reflective surface.