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‘Lost’ – Original Oil Painting by Jean-Luc Almond


We have been given the incredible opportunity to offer for sale a small number of original oil paintings from young English Artist Jean-Luc Almond.

Currently, we are able to offer a 20% (£299) discount on a number of Jean-Luc’s amazing works, including this pictured work.

This piece is entitled ‘Lost’ and is a great example of the layered and textured oil paintings Jean-Luc creates in his studio.

'Lost' – Original Oil painting by Jean-Luc Almond

Original St.Paul’s Cathedral detail photography FOR SALE, framed

Paul's pillar

An example of the stunning detail of the St Paul’s Cathedral Architecture. Buy original framed London photography, including this, for 20% OFF at our online store.

Use the link below to view more of our original travel photography…

Travel Photography – London, England

Original St.Paul’s Cathedral photography FOR SALE, framed

Paul's time

Original artistic photography, featuring the stunning architecture of the clock tower on St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Framed examples 20% OFF at our online store now!

Travel Photography – London, England

Original Buckingham Palace photography FOR SALE, framed

Victoria Memorial3

‘Victoria Memorial 3’ – Original London photography, framed. FOR SALE at our online store, as part of our London photographic range. This particular photo features the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace.

Travel Photography – London, England

Original London photography FOR SALE, framed


Original photographic work of mine. Featuring the escalator descent down to the historic London Underground. Black & White framed photo, FOR SALE now, 20% OFF!

Travel Photography – London, England

Original NEW YORK CITY Photography

Rainbow Room

20% OFF all our Original, framed NYC photography at our online store now!

Travel Photography – New York City, USA

‘Wine Service’ – Wine Art prints on Canvas

Service galleryPHBX

Wine Art

‘Contaminate’ – Original Oil Painting



London set

Travel Photography – London, England

‘Victoria Memorial 1’ – Original London Photography

Victoria Memorial1

Travel Photography – London, England