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Park Güell, Barcelona – Framed Travel Photography

Güell Pair

FOR SALE NOW at our online store…a set of original artistic photography, featuring the stunning Antonio Gaudi designed Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain.

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Park Güell1

‘Park Guell 1’

Framed original photography of the famous Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. The park was designed by Artist Antonio Gaudi. (2 other Park Guell works in this set, also for sale at our online store)

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Wine Art – ‘OLD vs NEW’ – Wine corks and Screw caps

My 3D artistic creation, which symbolises the move from Old world dominance of the wine world, to the now hugely popular New world wines of New Zealand, Australia, South America and South-Africa.

Featuring 740 wine corks spelling ‘OLD’ (the more traditional and old fashioned wine seals) to represent Old World wine countries, and 351 screw cap tops (now used to seal most wines) spelling ‘NEW’ to represent the now hugely popular New World wines.

Old & New2

Travel Photography – W Hotel, Barcelona

W night

Travel Photography – Malaga, Spain

Malaga Marina

‘Malaga Marina’

Photographic work, showing the beautiful lit up port of Malaga in Spain during the night

Travel Photography – Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell2

‘Park Güell 2’

Photographic work from Park Güell