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Looking to decorate your hotel, restaurant, bar or office with a bespoke range of works to suit the philosophy, ethos or speciality of your company? or maybe you’re looking for the ideal gift with a one off piece of art for someone special to you. e-mail us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Click the squares below to view some of our past commissioned jobs for offices or gifts

Scenery  Sandstorm blue  ScampRobbie  Tiles  Stevie G  Cantona  Lounge flower  Dining bloom

We can also create a one-off original work of art or series of works to suit any individual’s needs. This will not be seen elsewhere and, once created, will not be duplicated by us.

Check out our ROOM MATCH service if you have decorated your room or building and would like to commission a work of art to complete and perfectly compliment that new look. We take influence from existing decor in your room, mainly permanent fixtures and key parts of a colour scheme, to create these personalised pieces.

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